100 Days of Code

Another code challenge.

Wed, 07 Nov 2018

Inspired by www.100daysofcode.com, I’m going to be trying another code challenge.

I code just about every day for work. but that doesnt mean I’m always doing what I love or learning. My goal for this challenge is to code at least 30 minutes a day on things that I enjoy, and to push the limits on what I can do.

I don’t feel like I need to do this challenge every day, as I already code daily. But ideally I will be coding 5 days a week, until 100 days is complete.

I’ll be posting all of my code on my CodePen account.

Here’s day number one of my #100DaysOfCode.

Edit: I am still doing 100 Days of code, but I won’t be posting them on CodePen anymore. I’m using these 100 days to code fun side projects.

jonny goodwin

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